Miss Indiana Contestants

Miss ACD
Kelsey Foster

Miss Ball State
Samantha Johnson

Miss Banks of the Wabash
Kirsten Davenport


Miss Capital City
Laura Merida

Miss Cardinal
Kaitlyn Schleis


Miss Central
Kayla Bruner


Miss Collegiate Indy
Alexis Merchant


Miss Collegiate North
Madison Seifert


Miss Collegiate South
Justus Coleman

Miss Crossroads to America
Morgan Eckert


Miss Duneland
Chelsea Smith

Miss Elkhart County
Andrea Kline

Miss Fort Wayne
Kearston Anderson

Miss Great Lakes
Demie Johnson

Miss Harvest Homecoming
Ollie Ballew

Miss Heart of Indiana
Maureen Brooks

Miss Hoosier Heartland
Madeline May

Miss Indiana State
Tiarra Taylor

Miss Indiana University
A'Niyah Birdsong

Miss Kiwanis Balloon Fest
Siera Updike

Miss Kosciusko
Katelin Vogel

Miss Limberlost
Lauren Butler

Miss Metropolitan
Haley Begay

Miss Northeast
Jenna Schmidt

Miss Northwest Territory
Charlotte Olsen

Miss Ohio Valley
Maddy Eakins

Miss Purdue University
Mary Tremaine

Miss South Bend
Grace Haase

Miss South Central
Dyna Martinez

Miss Southern Heartland
Lydia Tremaine

Miss Spirit of Indiana
Lyndsea Burke

Miss Three Rivers
Lindsey Franxman

Miss Vincennes
Ashley Green

Miss Wabash Valley
Caroline McKinney

Miss White River
Samantha Robbins


Miss Competition Performance Order

Mu Group

Wednesday - Swim and Gown
Thursday - Talent
Friday - On Stage Question

Alpha Group

Wednesday - On Stage Question
Thursday - Swim and Gown
Friday - Talent

Sigma Group

Wednesday - Talent
Thursday - On Stage Question
Friday - Swim and Gown

1 Capital City, Laura Merida 1 Heart of Indiana, Maureen Brooks 1 South Bend, Grace Haase
2 Spirit of Indiana, Lyndsea Burke 2 Ohio Valley, Maddy Eakins 2 Cardinal, Kaitlyn Schleis
3 Southern Heartland, Lydia Tremaine 3 White River, Samantha Robbins 3 Hoosier Heartland, Madeline May
4 Indiana State, Tiarra Taylor 4 Kosciusko, Katelin Vogel 4 Fort Wayne, Kearston Anderson
5 Crossroads to America, Morgan Eckert 5 Vincennes, Ashley Green 5 Indiana University, A'Niyah Birdsong
6 Collegiate Indy, Alexis Merchant 6 Collegiate North, Madison Seifert 6 Central, Kayla Bruner
7 Northeast, Jenna Schmidt 7 Collegiate South, Justus Coleman 7 Northwest Territory, Charlotte Olsen
8 Ball State, Samantha Johnson 8 Elkhart County, Andrea Kline 8 Duneland, Chelsea Smith
9 Three Rivers, Lindsey Franxman 9 Wabash Valley, Caroline McKinney 9 Kiwanis Balloon Fest, Siera Updike
10 ACD, Kelsey Foster 10 Banks of the Wabash, Kirsten Davenport 10 Harvest Homecoming, Ollie Ballew
11 Metropolitan, Haley Begay 11 Limberlost, Lauren Butler 11 Purdue University, Mary Tremaine
12 Great Lakes, Demie Johnson 12 South Central, Dyna Martinez


Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen Contestants

Miss Banks of the Wabash’s Outstanding Teen
Aaliyah Wells

Miss Capital City’s
Outstanding Teen
Blair Barker

Miss Cardinal’s
Outstanding Teen
Skyelar Winner

Miss Central’s Outstanding Teen
Delaney Jackson

Miss Collegiate Indy’s Outstanding Teen
Elizabeth Deetz

Miss Collegiate North’s Outstanding Teen
Kennedy Barry

Miss Collegiate South’s Outstanding Teen
Delaney Mazza

Miss Crossroads to America’s Outstanding Teen
Kayla Wilhoite

Miss Duneland’s
Outstanding Teen
Emma Tarkington

Miss Elkhart County’s
Outstanding Teen
Brandi Walk

Miss Fall Festival’s
Outstanding Teen
Andi Hagen

Miss Fort Wayne’s
Outstanding Teen
Elayna Hasty

Miss Great Lakes’s
Outstanding Teen
Lily Padgett

Miss Harvest Homecoming’s Outstanding Teen
Meadow Ryann

Miss Heart of Indiana’s Outstanding Teen
Isabella Harrison

Miss Hoosier Heartland’s Outstanding Teen
Meg Edwards

Miss Kosciusko’s
Outstanding Teen
Malana Pashea

Miss Limberlost’s
Outstanding Teen
Anna Wicker

Miss Metropolitan’s Outstanding Teen
Ellie Barmes

Miss Northeast’s
Outstanding Teen
Madilyn Kazmucha

Miss Northern Lakes’ Outstanding Teen
Jenna Zabona

Miss Northwest Territory’s Outstanding Teen
Olivia Dillion

Miss Ohio Valley’s
Outstanding Teen
Ellise Edwards

Miss South Bend’s
Outstanding Teen
Chloe Benham

Miss South Central’s Outstanding Teen
Abigail Walker

Miss Southern Heartland’s Outstanding Teen
Shelby Kate Everitt

Miss Three Rivers’
Outstanding Teen
Ava Hampton

Miss Wabash Valley’s Outstanding Teen
Hanna Malaise




Outstanding Teen Competition Performance Order

Red Group

Wednesday - Gown and Question
Thursday - Activewear
Friday - Talent

White Group

Wednesday - Activewear
Thursday - Talent
Friday - Gown and Question

Blue Group

Wednesday - Talent
Thursday - Gown and Question
Friday- Activewear

1 Harvest Homecoming, Meadow Ryann 1 Crossroads to America, Kayla Wilhoite 1 Ohio Valley, Ellise Edwards
2 South Bend, Chloe Benham 2 Hoosier Heartland, Meg Edwards 2 Duneland, Emma Tarkington
3 Elkhart County, Brandi Walk 3 Collegiate South, Delaney Mazza 3 Southern Heartland, Shelby Kate Everitt
4 Collegiate Indy, Elizabeth Deetz 4 Capital City, Blair Barker 4 Fort Wayne, Elayna Hasty
5 South Central, Abigail Walker 5 Great Lakes, Lily Padgett 5 Heart of Indiana, Isabella Harrison
6 Fall Festival, Andi Hagen 6 Collegiate North, Kennedy Barry 6 Banks of the Wabash, Aaliyah Wells
7 Cardinal, Skyelar Winner 7 Northeast, Madilyn Kazmucha 7 Northwest Territory, Olivia Dillion
8 Kosciusko, Malana Pashea 8 Three Rivers, Ava Hampton 8 Central, Delaney Jackson
9 Northern Lakes, Jenna Zabona 9 Metropolitan, Ellie Barmes 9 Limberlost, Anna Wicker
        10 Wabash Valley, Hanna Malaise